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Whether it is pre-merger analysis, post-merger reporting or analytics in between to realize the vision behind the deal, data is the driver and we at Anji Technologies LLC have sculpted an impressive list of clients whom we have supported in their multi-billion $ acquisitions, consolidations or company splits. 

Anji Technologies LLC has and continues to play a leading role in delivering the data analytics and eco-system to enable its clients manage new acquisitions.  We have supported clients in the Telecommunication and the Financial services sector and delivered the results that were expected of us before the engagements began. 

Due to the plethora of regulations governing these types of transactions the expectations of the investors and the generally limited window to market opportunity available, time to complete these types of transactions becomes a key element to enable success.  Our record shows clearly the timeliness and comprehensive delivery of the tasks assigned to us.  The results of our work has often led to multiple engagements at the initial clients.  

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As competition grows and margins shrink, the importance of data-driven decisions will increase many-folds. 

The lack of data is not the issue we see at many of our large clients or throughout the business world.  It is in fact the proper formulation of analytics that turns data into “actionable-data”. 

 At a large client of ours, we were engaged to analyze a loss in market share and what could be done to turn that tide around.  Common business rule, practiced at the engagement was that the price of service provided was now not in line with what the competitors were offering.  The marketing decision was to bring the price back in line to turn the tide.  The many price-cuts the client went through continued to erode the profitability and revenues; clearly indicating that the marketing strategy was not delivering the desired results.

 Anji Technologies LLC team began by gathering experts around the table to clearly outline the issues at hand.  Once we had the problem statement defines, our analysts began a deep-dive into the data available at the client site.  The resulting analysis indicated issues at the delivery end of the business/customer satisfaction area.  Implementation of the plan derived by data analysis indeed delivered the results the client was after for an extended period of time. 

At Anji Technologies LLC, we are uniquely qualified to manage your data and analytics challenges to deliver for you the proper intelligence to deploy your processes with anticipated results and consistent customer service.  

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Like many technology start-ups, our roots also evolve from the systems integration area.  As Anji Technologies LLC team has grown to meet more of our client’s needs and become a (more of a) one-stop shop, systems integration has continued to occupy a very strategical position in our approach.  We often front our engagements with consulting to evaluate system efficiencies and recommend systems integration to reduce market decision making, operation cost and increased margins.  
At Anji Technologies LLC a sample of platforms we have integrated are:

  • Salesforce

  • PeopleSoft

  • SAP


  • Oracle

  • Microsoft Dynamics

  • MetaSolv

  • Multiple billing applications

  • Multiple order fulfilment applications…

A sample of tools we have utilized when integrating are…

  • Informatica

  • Tibco

  • Sterling Integrator

  • Talend

  • Microsoft Biztalk

  • SAP PI/PO…

A sample of processes we have integrated…

  • ERP

  • CRM

  • Data management

  • Billing and provisioning…

To explore how we at Anji Technologies LLC can assist in optimizing your operation, Please Email Us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Often times a traditional consulting-house will approach a business process redefinition from a traditional and more classical business approach.  We at Anji Technologies LLC understand the continuing importance data plays in our day to day lives and we insure that proper data analysis is the backbone of all our recommendations.  
Often times our teams will incorporate data that is accumulated internally and that is derived from outside the company’s Intranet.  Proper Analytics and Algorithms then enables us to clearly understand the trends, behaviors, competitive pressures, legislative initiatives, etc. to properly formulate strategies and directions.  
At Anji Technologies LLC, we are technology savvy and business smart.  We have analyzed many a market-share impacting scenarios on behalf of our clients and mathematically proven the cause to be different than the traditional “marketing” remedy.  We have then proceeded to implement many of our findings alongside our sponsor resources to deliver results that were anticipated.  
To explore how we at Anji Technologies LLC can assist in optimizing your operation, Please Email Us : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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