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The business model for one of our clients, the largest provider of services in their sector is to grow through acquisitions of end user and in-ground infrastructure.  We have been their valued partner and they have been our esteemed client for more than seven years.

 Anji Technologies LLC has helped this very large acquire and integrate more than $20B in assets, meeting all deadlines set forth by the client.  The assets have included end users, copper and fiber in-ground, CO’s, Access Points, etc.  Data in the terabytes has been managed, manipulated and integrated with minimal errors.

Amongst many integration points are Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Teradata, MetaSolv, Amdocs and many other ERP systems.  Specific skill subsets required have been C++, JAVA, Informatica, Sterling, Hadoop, C, SAP HANA, etc.  

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