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We can all agree that K12 education serves as the very foundation for a young human being throughout their lives.  Whereas the very institutions that hold the key to security, well-being, harmony and prosperity for our country are delivering the services they are created to deliver, would it not be nice to continually evaluate how efficiently are these institutions performing and meeting their goals and objectives.  We as tax payers and parents of students not educated in public school districts spend billions of $ each year to raise children that are competitive and adaptive to the challenges that lie ahead in their lives.

To measure the overall effectiveness of our students and the viability of the product they represent, accountability to deliver success must be measured.  There is absolutely vast amount of data, all hiding in plain sight that can deliver significant indicators of how well is our mission accomplished and the areas of emphasis.  

Applications of big data for most companies have been focused around analyzing commercial activities, finding out hidden trends in data and predicting behavior of customers. As the valuable hidden trends in data are unveiled every passing day there has been a significant increase in the importance of available data. The application of big data is gaining momentum at an astounding pace in the education industry and we at Anji Technologies strive hard to offer the best learning analytics solutions to our clients.

At one of our new clients, a nationally recognized, large independent school district we are attempting to provide some of this information/reporting.  However, the task begins with addressing how to bring all this data into “one lake” by integrating disparate platforms.  The task to integrate may be expensive and tedious; our client agrees that it is this first step that is needed to begin to derive reporting necessary to turn this vast amount of data into actionable-data.  

 As this study unveils itself, we will continue to update this site and keep all of you interested, informed.

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