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We at Anji Technologies LLC believe that efficiency and optimization are always two of the few most important areas of focus for an enterprise to sustain and flourish.  
Today, the energy industry finds itself in a place where the very survival of a majority of the enterprises within this industry are desperately seeking to optimize their operations and extract every drop of efficiency from every $ they spend.  

To derive efficiencies and optimize processes over long-term requires process reengineering.  To reengineer a process, available data must be analyzed to study trends and in light of competitive and economic factors.  The resulting analytics can then form a basis for process optimization and operation efficiencies that are sustainable and lasting.

An example of a Anji Technologies LLC engagement and the benefits it delivered follows:

The energy industry is ever evolving with challenges such as increasing competition, cost and digitization. The application cutting edge technologies is commonplace to handle issues such as higher downtime and advance analytics gives power to organizations to unleash the hidden characteristics of the data that was previously wasted.

Our client, an energy and utilities major faced with the challenge of very high downtime for its customers. Our solution integrated multiple systems and leveraged newest of technologies to detect the failures in real-time. This first of a kind solution helped our client minimize the downtime to minutes that took hours earlier. Our advance analytic models predicted channels those are susceptible to failures which resulted in helping our clients to enormously increase the quality of service.

To explore how we at Anji Technologies LLC can assist in optimizing your operation, Please Email Us : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 

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