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CRM Services

Anji Technologies’ resources design, build and deploy CRM solutions that provide a 360º view of client’s customers, helping build relationships from first contact all the way though the customer lifecycle. We offer CRM tools that help you manage and build better relationships with your customers such as:

  • CRM Platform Evaluation, Selection and Architecture
  • Customer Valuation and Analytics
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Multichannel Campaign Management and Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service Management

Anji delivered a CRM tool for a large telecommunications firm. This CRM tool provided a sophisticated user experience across billing, engineering and trouble ticketing systems and a near real-time response time. This CRM tool helped our client:

  • Attain 360º view of customers so our client could easily identify relationship among all subscribers under a single account
  • Identify relationships between various services available to customers
  • Research and resolve customer billing disputes
  • Handle up to 100,000 orders a daily
  • Create queries for billing, service availability and current promotions
  • Have accessibility via desktop/laptop and hand-held portable devices

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ERP Services

Anji Technologies ERP System solutions facilitate the flow of information between business functions inside the boundaries of your organization and manage the connections to stakeholders outside the boundaries of your organization. These solutions reduce risks and prevent repeating time-consuming project tasks. Anji Technologies consistently use Best Practices such as configuration, documentation, testing and training.

Anji's experience working with ERP modules includes:

  • Access Control
  • Data Service
  • CRM
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Manufactoring
  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain Mangement

Recognizing that customizing ERP Systems often causes functionality gaps, Anji Technologies evaluates and recommends the best-available option for your organization. These options can range from writing technical solutions, writing a homegrown bolt-on/add-on module within the ERP system, or interfacing to an external system.

Recognizing Consultants have worked on various ERP systems run on a variety of computer hardware and network configurations. We have intimate familiarity with a variety different databases such as Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, MySQL and more.

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Post merger Acquisition and Data Consolidation

Anji Technologies have help lead the data integration and data quality efforts in over 17 post merger integration projects for communication service providers.

Revenue reconciliation is always a challenge when integrating many desperate billing applications into a single “golden source” of record. Our systematic approach has contributed to 100% successful outcomes on all projects. Examples of our proven successful track record include:

  • Three separate conversion totaling over 800,000 accounts; First conversion revenue discrepancy was $1,200, the last conversion, balanced to the penny
  • Conversion totaling 1.4 million accounts and receivables of approximately $81 million, with a revenue discrepancy rate of .0114%, this close client is the one of the largest rural triple play (high-speed Internet access/television service/telephone service, over a single broadband connection) providers in North America with more than 7 million access lines, 8.6 million voice and broadband connections in 27 states.

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CMS Services

With our Content Management System (CMS) expertise we help you manage website content without going through a long development build life cycle. You can publish, edit and modify website content on the live production site. The workflow management in our CMS executes content approval before publishing in a collaborative environment.

Anji’s team delivered a CMS using an enterprise Web Content Management tool called Sitefinity for a large telecommunication client. As a result, the firm manages web content (blogs, news, promotions, etc.) dynamically and helps them keep abreast of changing business requirements.

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With the boom in sales of smart mobile devices, the requirement for developing mobile applications has become increasingly more sophisticated than simple ringtones and games. While the market is growing exponentially, it has created a tremendous requirement for skilled developers that consistently stay abreast with the latest concepts and technologies rivaling for attention. In order to gain momentum mobile applications need to have both appeal and value for customers.

Anji’s design and development resources began creating iPhone and Android applications in 2008. Our experience includes working through each phase of development from defining a scope of work to rigorous testing and app deployment. Common features in Mobile Applications include: Unlimited Image Scrolling; GPS Locationing; Accelerometer; Touch Screen Utilization; Keyboard, Push Notifications; Text, Web, E-mail Integration; Social Media Integration; Picture & Video Taking/Manipulation; Database Synching and Web Services.

For E-Commerce, Anji Technologies offers online shopping solutions with secure real-time transaction capabilities and fully-integrated back-ends with various packages and 3rd party APIs. We utilize the latest and proprietary e-commerce shopping platforms. Our solutions streamline the common tasks to ensure cost effectiveness and ease implementation challenges. We partner with vendors and channel specialists to deliver highly functional and integrated e-commerce solutions that simply work. 


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