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CRM Services

Anji Technologies’ resources design, build and deploy CRM solutions that provide a 360º view of client’s customers, helping build relationships from first contact all the way though the customer lifecycle. We offer CRM tools that help you manage and build better relationships with your customers such as:

  • CRM Platform Evaluation, Selection and Architecture
  • Customer Valuation and Analytics
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Multichannel Campaign Management and Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Service Management

Anji delivered a CRM tool for a large telecommunications firm. This CRM tool provided a sophisticated user experience across billing, engineering and trouble ticketing systems and a near real-time response time. This CRM tool helped our client:

  • Attain 360º view of customers so our client could easily identify relationship among all subscribers under a single account
  • Identify relationships between various services available to customers
  • Research and resolve customer billing disputes
  • Handle up to 100,000 orders a daily
  • Create queries for billing, service availability and current promotions
  • Have accessibility via desktop/laptop and hand-held portable devices

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