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At Anji Technologies LLC we believe our success lies in the quality and dedication of the team that delivers Anji services in a relentless manner and with the competitive needs of our clients in mind.

We invest heavily in our team to insure that their carrier growth and aspirations parallel Anji’s. We have a continous skill development program in-house and doesnt consider “bench” as negative aspect and in fact see that as an opportunity to enhance the knowledge of our team to make them a more valuable resource; both for their own growth and Anji’s!

Anji provides a highly diverse environment where we cheer for each other to succeed and help our colleagues meet the business challenges/opportunities presented to them.

We offer full benefits to our employees including Medical, Dental, 401k, Paid holidays and a flexible (paid) vacation package.

The company began as a family and that culture essentially is ingrained in the DNA of Anji. Our primary focus is the resources @ Anji and that has been part of Anji's Journey.


Our Story

Some seven plus years ago, what began as an opportunity for our founder Rajesh Tiwari to help solve a critical problem for our initial client, Citizens Telecommunication to methodically and organically growing our company where by the revenues have doubled year-over-year each year while we remain extremely stable and debt-free is something we are very proud of.

Our very existence is based around solving problems whose answers lie within the vast amount of data we generate and store every day. From our very first engagement that entailed looking into massive databases to determine why this client of ours was losing customers at a pace faster than the industry norm to now, helping industry giants digest multi-billion $ acquisitions; we have steadfastly delivered results.

What We Do

We primarily play in the IT management, consulting and services vertical; a fiercely competitive sector, however our growth and stability vouch for our resolve and the trust our clients place in our ability to deliver their most complex problems in a very timely manner.  


Our core focus has been the management of data as it pertains to M&A activity, splits of entities to unleash maximum shareholder value, complex CRM/ERP integration and management.  We also play a significant role in designing and developing mobile applications and developing and delivering advanced analytics/reporting via dashboards. 

Typically, we deploy teams to manage mission-critical projects our clients trust us to deliver that usually have a limited time-to-market window.  Almost all of our projects are of mission-critical nature and many are driven as a result of the competitive pressures our clients face. 

We have helped clients decide on approaches, technologies, upgrades, replacements, scalability, etc. and have used our training to first understand the issue(s) surrounding the request fully.  We then immerse ourselves into the discovery phase of project management to run enough studies to insure that expected and anticipated results are within a reasonable distance of each other.  It is all about expectations we set initially and it is all about exceeding them at the time of delivery.

How We Do It

To begin with, we staff experience and competence.  We also hire analysts to train our way and do not expose them to any client unless we feel confident that they can deliver the Anji way. 

The entire senior management team at Anji Technologies LLC has more than 20 years of progressive experience.  The senior management team possesses IT, data, wide-ranging business, startup and domain experience to deliver meaningful insight towards sustainability and efficiency of operation for our deliverables. 

We use current methodologies and technologies but are not bound to “only” use them.  We understand that technology and approach is necessary but that should always be guided by what the client desires and the experiences we bring to our engagements.


Anji Technologies' Leadership Team brings 20+ years of extensive experience in business and Technology Consulting. They have lead technological solutions of large complex programs/projects on various platforms using a wide range of current technologies.

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